European Centres for Human Language Technology

Here we have three European Centres for Human Language Technology.

  • Centre for Human Language Technology and Bioinformatics.  “The Centre for Human language Technology and Bioinformatics of the University of Beira Interior was founded by Prof. Gaël Dias to investigate in the areas of Human Language Technology and Bioinformatics gathering researchers from Computer Science, Statistics, and Linguistics.”
  • National Centre for Language Technology. “Language is the key modality in communication. The National Centre for Language Technology conducts research into the processing of human language by computers, such as speech recognition and synthesis, machine translation, human-computer interfaces, information retrieval and extraction, the teaching and learning of languages using computers and software localisation and globalisation. Research in Human Language Technology (HLT) is interdisciplinary and includes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computational Linguistics (CL). HLT has substantial economic implications and potential. The centre carries out basic research and develops applications”.
  • Language Technology Documentation Centre in Finland. “This site is being developed by and maintained by the Department of General Linguistics in the University of Helsinki. The Nordic language technology documentation project was financed partly by the Nordic Language Technology Research Program administered by NorFA, which later became NordForsk (…)  Language technology is a multidisciplinary field, which studies technical means and methods that can be used to process natural language with computers. Some well-known applications of language technology are for example automatic authoring tools (such as spell checking) and speech recognition. Language technology has also many other application areas, which are introduced in the Technologies section and in Language Technology world”.

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